3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stop Your SEO Campaign


Keeping up with an active SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is time-consuming. Maybe you’re considering pausing your current campaign so you can reassess and start anew. You shouldn’t stop your SEO efforts for anything. Let’s talk about the reasons why:

While there are many reasons to keep your SEO campaign moving while you are restructuring, these three are the most critical reasons in our opinion. The main reason is everything on the internet moves extremely fast, and it’s essential to update your website regularly. This is why many companies opt for a digital marketing agency like ITVibes.

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Reason 1: Search is Always Changing

One of the biggest reasons to continue updating your website SEO is search engines are constantly updating. On average, there are an average of 12 updates to Google every day. While it is not realistic to keep up with all these updates, it is important to periodically update your site so you will not be lost during these constant updates. 

Reason 2: Your Competition is Massive

Something many business owners don’t think about is how much competition your website has when targeting a keyword. Each result is targeting the same keyword you picked due to your keyword research. Many other sites are also going after the same keyword. 

Imagine if even half of your competitors are constantly updating their SEO. This would make your website fall behind because they are doing their best to keep up. Constantly implementing technical SEO strategies will allow you to keep up with that competition.

Reason 3: Website Updates are a Full-Time Job

Your website needs to be updated often because of the nature of SEO. A well-built website can bring a lot of value to your business, but the SEO side of it will need to be updated consistently. Google checks to see if your website is constantly updated. If it looks like your site has been abandoned, Google will flag your site with a low Page Quality rating, which will affect your website ranking. 

ITVibes Can Help

Long story short, SEO is a time-consuming but essential process. Having a good SEO plan sets you apart from your competitors, but it can be hard to do by yourself. That is why we are here to do it for you. An SEO agency like ITVibes can help you keep your site up to date with its SEO services.

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