Facebook Carousel Best Practices for Advertisers

Facebook Carousel Best Practices for Advertisers, ITVibes

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Social Media

Whether you’re in sales or the oil and gas industry, landscaping, or e-commerce, Facebook’s carousel ads are a great way to connect with your audience. Unlike singular image ad types, carousel ads give you the opportunity to highlight several products and services. Let’s review the Facebook carousel best practices to get started.

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With room for up to ten images and videos in a single ad, the carousel ad format is available on both Facebook and Instagram. Users can view multiple images in one post by scrolling left to right, giving social media advertisers the ability to promote a variety of products and services.

Here are a few of the most important ways to optimize your carousel ads:

Use Engaging Headlines

Capturing your audience’s attention is the first goal of any social media marketer. According to Facebook’s Carousel Best Practices, you shouldn’t “ignore snappy headlines, descriptions, and call to action buttons that give context, detail and encouragement.” In a carousel ad, you have space to add up to 10 images or videos with customized descriptions, which means you have the opportunity to highlight 10 different things about your business.

Choose Unique Images & Videos

Choosing the right images and videos for each carousel card is one of the most important things to remember. Here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Cohesiveness – As users scroll through your carousel ad, you want to tell a story and give them a consistent picture of what you have to offer. Whether you’re highlighting multiple aspects of one service or all of the services that you provide, there should be at least one central theme to the content you choose.
  • Sizing – It’s recommended to have a (1:1) aspect ratio for each video and image. To preserve the quality of your content, crop your image or video to a square before uploading it to the ads manager.
  • Performance – When you start your ad, you can select an option to test multiple pieces of creative content at once and order them based on performance. This will help you further optimize your ad, and give you step-by-step instructions for replacing or removing low-performing carousel cards.

Pair with the Best Landing Page

When you choose images and videos for your carousel ad, think about what action you’re asking the user to take. Because each carousel card can be customized to link to its own landing page, having an optimized landing page will increase your click-through rates.

For businesses with a large inventory, a carousel ad can highlight a single product. Comparatively, smaller businesses may highlight an entire category of products or services on a single carousel card. To fully enhance your carousel ads, it’s important to make sure that every element works together. This includes a single image, link description, and a CTA button.

Create High-Performing Facebook Carousel Ads

In the world of social media advertising, there are a number of ways to connect with your target audience. Facebook’s carousel ad format gives businesses the opportunity to showcase what they do in a single ad. It’s a cost-effective and engaging way to get users talking about your brand.

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