Wondering How Google Ranks Pages?

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Google

There is seemingly infinite information on the internet. If the content wasn’t organized and sorted, you’d be spending all your time aimlessly looking through irrelevant links. That’s where google PageRank algorithms come in. 
Google uses a number of algorithms that are consistently being optimized and improved to rank pages by relevance. The goal is to give users the most accurate, reliable information relating to their search query. If you’re trying to improve your site’s ranking on Google, you must first understand how search engines categorize websites. 

Classification & Context

To begin organizing search results by relevance, Google starts by classifying the search query. They use many ranking factors including previous user behavior, location, the question typed and keywords. Next, the search algorithm must classify the context of the query by determining the history and location of the user. Google does this by utilizing browser cookies, specific keywords, and determining if you’re looking for new content. 


As a part of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain uses machine learning to answer Google search with the most accurate results. Before RankBrain, Google just used it’s basic algorithm to match search queries to web pages. Now, with RankBrain, the location, personalization, and intent-based words are assessed to determine what the user is looking for. 

Quality Content

Google uses multiple factors to decide which content is trustworthy and credible. While keywords connect search engines to users, the algorithms look for quality content. Your website should communicate that it’s an expert in the field, authoritative, and trustworthy. By utilizing spam filtering algorithms that penalize and blacklist websites, high quality content is pushed closer to the top of search results. 

Study Google Algorithms for Long Term Success

Whether you’re a business owner, content creator, or SEO, the first step to getting in the top ten results is to study how Google algorithms work. Creating consistent content with relevant keywords, connecting with users, and linking to authoritative websites will assist you in reaching the top search results. Want to learn more about Google PageRank? Connect with us on Facebook for the latest digital marketing and SEO posts.