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7 Tell-tale Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Website Design

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re renovating your home or getting a haircut, change is what keeps our lives moving forward. It’s no different with web design. You may be thinking, when should you redesign a website? According to our experts, you may be closer than you think.

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When Should You Redesign a Website?

According to Business 2 Business Community, businesses should consider redesigning their website every 1.5 to 2.5 years. In our experience, this is a good rule of thumb especially if you want to keep up with your competitors and stay as fresh as possible.

  1. It looks outdated
  2. It’s difficult to navigate
  3. It has too much text
  4. It hasn’t been optimized for search engines
  5. It loads slowly or has  broken links
  6. It isn’t mobile-friendly
  7. It doesn’t represent your brand

1) It looks outdated

Your website is your online business card, which means users are looking closely at your online presence. Does your website still require a Flash player or have a long navigation menu? Staying up to date with the latest web design trends will not only improve the look of your pages but will inevitably show any visitors that you’re committed to innovation.

2) It’s difficult to navigate

If a new user visited your website, could they find what they’re looking for? A lot of websites have sitemaps that aren’t intuitive or use terms that make it difficult to navigate. Having a website with user experience can be frustrating for users and over time, can lead to more bounce rates.

3) It has too much text

Face it, we hardly read long text content anymore. Whether we’re browsing through social media or looking for a quick answer on Google, we’re looking for content that is easily digestible. If your website has a lot of text or bulky paragraphs, it’s time to redesign your site with simplicity in mind.

4) It hasn’t been optimized for search engines

Google is one of the largest contributors to lead generation, but many small business owners don’t realize the opportunity that comes with search engine optimization (SEO). To best promote your products or services, it’s important that your web pages are using keywords that users are actually searching for. Not only will this drive more traffic to your website but will, in turn, increase your conversion rate.

5) It loads slowly or has broken links

It goes without saying, but if your website isn’t working properly, it’s time for a new website design. From slow load times to broken links and missing content, your website needs to be in working order. With a dedicated website designer, you can transform your web presence and ensure that any future issues will be corrected immediately.

6) It isn’t mobile-friendly

We live in a day and age where mobile devices reign supreme. Whether we’re sharing links with friends or searching for a particular item, smartphones and tablets are one of the main ways we view websites. Thus, it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly website with a responsive design so that it can be viewed on any screen size.

7) It doesn’t represent your brand

Does your website match your storefront? For many business owners, it can be easy to change their business goals or brand identity in person, and a website gets left behind. If you’ve added new products, modified your services, or say goodbye to certain team members, it’s important to have a website that reflects that.

Don’t Hesitate to Update Your Website

If your website falls under one of the categories we’ve referred to, we think it’s time to consider a redesign. Stay ahead of your competitor’s website design by having our web design team update your website to a new and fresh look.

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