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3 Unique SEO Strategies to Boost Your Traffic

3 Unique SEO Strategies to Boost Your Traffic, ITVibes Design & Marketing, Spring, TX

SEO is a very interesting field in that it’s both a recent development (gaining prominence around 1997) and one in which advice becomes outdated very quickly. This makes sense–after all, the internet and what people expect of the internet have changed rather drastically over the past two decades. But it can make your efforts to stay on top of the constantly-changing SEO standards difficult. How do you know that your current strategy will still be working next month, or even if it’s working now?
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Creative Approaches to SEO

Rather than relying on outdated and unreliable SEO tactics, content creators should (and often do) find more creative ways to increase their online visibility. And while even the most creative tactics don’t last forever, they’re certainly an excellent place to start while keeping an eye on the latest online trends. For 2020, here are a few unique SEO ideas to get you on the right track:

  1. Increase your social media shares
  2. Target commonly misspelled keywords
  3. Protect yourself from SEO-based attacks

1) Increase Your Social Media Shares

Even though Google doesn’t count social media likes or reactions toward your SEO score, it crawls social media feeds just like any other website. Consequently, each share or retweet of your content counts as a backlink toward your ranking! Use social media shares to your advantage to build links without coordinating with other websites. Just invite your followers to promote your content for you!

2) Target Commonly Misspelled Keywords

A particularly unconventional method of SEO is to identify and actively target misspelled keywords relevant to your industry. Even with autocorrect and Google suggestions, users still misspell keywords with surprising frequency. Their clicks could be going to you! Consider optimizing your website for misspelled keywords to capitalize on that extra traffic.

Pro Tip: Which words do you frequently spell incorrectly? If you’re making a spelling mistake, chances are Google users are too! See which of those spelling errors you can target as a keyword.

3) Protect Yourself from SEO-Based Attacks

Unfortunately, some less-than-honorable SEO experts will use their knowledge against their competitors instead of simply building up their own website. Whether it’s accomplished through malicious links, stolen content, website hacking, server overload, or other attacks, negative SEO is a danger to anyone trying to stand out on the internet. Worse, there aren’t any programs or plugins to install and protect yourself. But you’re not totally hopeless. By keeping your dealings with others online professional, you reduce the risk that anyone will try to retaliate against your website. If you suspect you’re under attack, audit your website and links immediately for anything that looks out of place.

Make Your Website Stand Out!

With a well-thought-out SEO strategy, your website will maintain a high place in the search rankings and drive traffic to your brand consistently. Of course, all this depends on your efforts. Don’t assume your job is done just because you successfully hid specialized keywords on your web pages or got hundreds of shares on social media! SEO is an ever-changing field. The ultimate key to success is ongoing learning and updating.
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