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Platinum Copier Solutions



Platinum Copier Solutions is an authorized provider of Sharp office equipment in the greater Houston area, with over 60 years of sales and service experience in the office equipment arena. Whether you choose to buy, lease, or rent a copier, everyone’s business model is different. Platinum Copiers has a solution for you! In addition to selling copiers, we offer solutions to our customers which has been our slogan, mission, and fabric that has attributed to the company’s success.



Platinum Copier Solutions

We collaborated with Platinum Copier Solutions to overhaul their digital presence comprehensively. Our project encompassed a multifaceted approach. It started with designing a sleek and user-friendly website to enhance user experience and effectively showcase Platinum Copier Solutions’ services. This included optimizing their sites for mobile devices for seamless access and navigation.

In addition, we implemented a robust social media marketing strategy to expand Platinum Copier Solutions’ online reach and engage with their target audience effectively. This involved crafting engaging content, managing social media platforms, and leveraging analytics to refine our marketing efforts continually. Furthermore, we provided comprehensive training to Platinum Copier Solutions’ team. We also offered ongoing monthly maintenance, hosting, and technical support to ensure the website’s smooth operation and performance.