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Panorama Village


Panorama Village was established in the early 60?s and became a incorporated city in 1972. This is a general law city with a City Council consisting of a Mayor and 5 councilpersons as the governing body. they have their own Police Department and a Utility Department which operates their independent water and sewer system. The city is a taxing authority and the utility department and golf club operate as “Enterprise Funds” generally funding the necessary operations for these functions.


City of Panorama Village

As of January 1, 2008, the city has a population of just over 2,300 people, and 1,010 homes. They have the infrastructure capability and property available to expand to 1,400 homes.

Fire protection is provided by the North Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department and the city maintains a fire barn and fire equipment within the city limits. The city also has its own set of city ordinances, which are designed to protect the citizens and property values this great community.

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