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Judith Shields, Woodlands Criminal Attorney is committed to quality representation of persons charged with a crime or needing legal help in civil cases.




Ms. Shields embraces an active role in her local community. Living in Houston, Texas, she is President of the Hilshire Village Civic Club and actively supports several organizations including the Houston SPCA, Goodwill, The Regis School of Sacred Heart, and the Citizens for Animal Protection.

Ms. Shields grew up in the Dallas area and attended Plano East Senior High School. She then went to Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois where she received a communications studies degree. Ms. Shields pursued her interest in the law by attending the University of Houston Law School.

Former Assistant District Attorney

Ms. Shields worked for the Montgomery County District Attorney for seven years as a felony prosecutor. In addition to trying felony cases Ms. Shields worked in the Appellate Division handling appeals of all levels including capital death writs of habeas corpus. The high profile cases she handled while there include the following:

  • State v. Kutzner – The defendant was charged with capital murder of a female realtor in the Woodlands. The jury convicted the defendant and gave him the death penalty.
  • State v. Larry Swearengen – Ms. Shields prosecuted this defendant for kidnapping and murdering a young college student. He was given the death penalty after a 6-week trial.

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