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DB Bits LLC started as a PDC Drill Bit Division of a down-hole coring company in 1998 and was spun off as its own separate entity in April 2008. The team consists of the most experienced and highly trained individuals in their respective fields. The company is proud of its vendor and customer roster, and has built long-term critical and key relationships. The manufacturing facility, located in Conroe, Texas, delivers superior products with extreme attention to quality control.

DB Bits are designed and optimized to get you to your pay zone. They produce among the best PDC drill bits in the industry and DB drill bits continue to set the bar for quality and reliability. Through proprietary technologies, DB provides exceptional performance – from soft through hard formations and solves a broad range of drilling challenges.

Their exceptional manufacturing capability delivers higher value in efficiency through advanced automation. They design and manufacture the most advanced drill bits – drill bits that deliver optimum performance across all environments. By focusing our applications engineering on a district level, They insure the continuity of local knowledge and decrease the time it takes to bring solutions to the field. Combining their extensive industry experience with their cutting-edge manufacturing capability, They present an industry-leading rapid response with proven exceptional quality.

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Visit site: http://www.dbbits.com/