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The Coffeeshop Company is about people, and giving you a place to relax, gather and connect with others. It’s a spot to hold business meetings, catch up with friends, or grab a coffee and dessert to-go. Our main goal is to ensure the highest quality products are being served. Grounded in a European tradition with a modern flair, Coffeeshop Company truly delivers the ultimate coffee experience.

Every cup of coffee you drink has been through a production process. It starts with a plant that grows beans and goes through a rigorous process of harvesting, preparing, drying, storing and eventually roasting. We use only the highest quality Arabica coffee beans to ensure every cup is good to the last drop.

Coffee farming is a slow and tedious step that begins the coffee production process. Plants are fertilized and protected from hazardous pests and diseases on a regular basis. Shadow-creating trees are cut down to ensure the perfect amount of light gets to the plants. The farmers’ goal is to make sure every plant is ready to yield a bountiful harvest.

Services we offered: Website design, Social Media Marketing, Content Management Solution, Training, Monthly maintenance, Hosting and Technical Support.