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When you need metal bending services done right—and need it done right now—your best bet is to Send It to Bend-It, Inc. For over decades, their company has been providing fast turnaround time for the petrochemical and oil-field-based industries, as well as many other industrial and commercial clients. They  work with all structural shapes such as angles, channels, beams, flat bars, square tubes, rectangular tubes and round tubes.


Bend IT

Message from Chairman/CEO Thomas Young
For nearly 24 years, Bend-It, Inc. has been providing fast, dependable metal bending services to their clients who need custom metal bending. They provide bending services for angle, channel, flat bar, pipe, round tube, square tube, finned tube, I beams as well as channel rolled easy way and hard way. They are proud of our reputation in the industry as the best for helping their clients take care of their customers with their professional workmanship and on time delivery attitude. They specialize in bending, fabricating and testing of heating and cooling coils. Please call with any questions and to request pricing. They have the fastest response time in the industry!
Their production team is the best trained in the industry. They fully understand the need to make sure the job is done correctly, to your specifications, and they know how to make it happen. They all have one common purpose, to make sure you get what you want and we do our best to get it done within your time goals.

They only have one goal and that is providing you with excellence in service and workmanship. This is why they have continued to grow and serve their clients and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

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