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Free Website & SEO Audit Report

Are you losing customers because of a weak web and SEO presence?

Checking a website’s health is crucial in making a website both Search engine and User friendly. Many local businesses miss leads and new sales for customer conversions due to lack of visibility on search engines and ineffective websites. Are you one of them?

Our website analysis report will help you find onsite issues and SEO optimization mistakes. Best of all, this Audit report is completely FREE!

How to use the report:

  • Check overall website’s health & score
  • Track SEO issues, errors and warnings
  • Investigate design and load issues
  • Measure the number of back links
  • Check missing Social Media links
  • Get an idea of the site loading speed
  • Ensure that the site is mobile friendly
  • Recognize misplaced meta data and html tags
  • Detect missing image alt attributes
  • List 404 and page not found pages
  • Find duplicate content pages

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