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How Does Live Chat Work?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Live Chat

You’re probably familiar with the chat option in the bottom corner of a website, and chances are you’ve used the customer support option yourself. But how exactly does live chat work? Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of live chat software and whether your website could benefit.

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For many businesses, being available 24/7 by phone or email is unattainable. With live chat support, businesses can quickly and easily answer questions and provide technical solutions with a few clicks. Not only will this save time and money on the business side, but ultimately, it can ensure a satisfying customer experience overall.

Understanding Live Chat Solutions

Live chat is an integrated software solution that enables real-time service. It allows website visitors to receive immediate answers and information when they need it. By using a pop-up widget in a pop-up window or corner part of the web page, a user can type a message and receive a reply back within seconds. Unlike phone or email, you’re guaranteed to get an immediate “live” message back – a feature most customers need when looking for support.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Technically, adding a live chat feature to your website involves paying for a subscription service and having a particular code for the chat widget added to the backend of your web page. You can add the online chat widget to any page of your website where you’d like users to be able to contact you. 

Practically, once the live chat has been added to your website, you can create a personal account for each chat agent to receive messages. Depending on the chat service, you may have to access a particular app or portal to see incoming chats. During a chat session, each user is added to an agent’s queue until they are available to respond. Many businesses may set up automatic responses to reduce the amount of waiting time for users and to help streamline the communication process. Once the conversation has ended, a report can be sent by email as a record.

Should Your Website Have Live Chat?

Do you want to provide a quick and easy way for customers to contact you? Is real-time communication important to your line of business? Could your customer support be faster and more personalized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business could greatly benefit from having a live chat tool. According to Zendesk, live chat has the second-highest customer satisfaction rating at 85%, close behind phone call support at 91%.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

There’s no argument that online solutions are at the center of business growth and excellent customer service. By being readily available at a moment’s notice, businesses can answer questions and solve problems on a timely basis with a service like live chat. 

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