Business Apps

Business Apps

Improve Productivity & Sales

Are you working ‘on’ or ‘in’ your business?

We provide powerful Business Apps that enhance your business productivity to take your business to the next level.

We energize your Marketing strategy in reaching a wide variety of customers to improve sales and hence pinpointed results and success.

We help in managing your daily work and mundane tasks, reduce redundancy, integrate your team with business specs, lower operating time and costs, and leverage your business model and plan.

Is this all so overwhelming? Are you lost in the buzz? Don’t know where to start? No WORRIES!

We offer packages and services that help improve efficiency in Business activities and in streamlining your targets for your business growth. We help Create, Setup your Business Apps and help integrate your efforts and team deliverables. How do we do it?


One of the most important parts of your business is Sales. Our Sales Force Management software (CRM) can help streamline your entire sales process.

  • Manage your leads, customers and accounts and track activities
  • Integrate information with your team without manual interaction
  • Never lose track of a follow up or sales call
  • Train new sales team members easily with archived or customer history
  • Easy integration with Campaigns to set up campaign groups
  • Access from anywhere, from any computer

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Email Marketing

Reaching out to your customers on a need basis is an integral part of your Marketing. Expand Campaigns is an effective tool to manage your Business marketing efforts.

  • Manage multiple campaigns easily
  • Create and Manage groups of members from CRM
  • Create multiple Campaign templates with easy to use Rich Text Editor
  • Track Successful Campaign Email sent and bounce backs
  • Track open and click ratios
  • Access from anywhere, from any computer

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Sales Performance Tracker

Sales Performance Tracker helps you track sales numbers improving efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of the sales processes.

  • Align sales to business goals
  • Maximize sales effectiveness
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Measure sales quotas & closing ratios
  • Track sales conversions
  • Streamline sales targets & sales behaviour
  • Access from anywhere, from any computer

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Appointment Scheduler

Appointment scheduler enables you, your team and your customers easily setup and manage appointments with minimal manual interaction

  • No more phone or email tag
  • Publish your weekly calendar in click
  • Create appointments for 3 months ahead of time
  • Edit and delete appointments easily
  • Manage appointments for multiple staff members
  • Easy integration into website or a blog
  • Access from anywhere, from any computer

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