Sales Performance Tracker

Sales Performance Tracker

Start Selling More

Start Selling More

How can you drive more sales when you don’t have complete access to accurate and real-time data about sales activities and to the metrics that most considerably track the performance of the sales team?

Align Sales to Business Goals

Our Sales Performance Tracker, offered as an addition to Houston web design service, helps you track sales numbers improving efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of the sales processes. Using our Sales Performance Tracker tool ultimately leads to better management and utilization of sales resources.

Sales Performance Tracker enables Sales Managers and Decision Makers track timely and accurate data in order to aid them in making pinpointed decisions that positively influence sales behavior.

Maximize Sales Effectiveness

Who sold the most last month, quarter, year? What are our top selling groups? Are calls, demos and units sold in-line with expectations? How many reps have a closing ratio of 60% and higher?

These are just some of the questions that sales management ask every day. In most companies there is no simple, consistent and accurate way to get the answers to those questions. Most of the data is in emails, spreadsheets and mobile phones. Often the reports are incomplete, late, and lack accuracy.

Sales Performance Tracker gives both sales agents and managers visibility into performance by offering a complete solution to manage weekly quotas, track start times, demos showed, apps sold, number of calls made and calculate closing ratios.


Secure access, always

The application is a web based tool and is fully secured with user logins and private access.

  • Secured login with user credentials
  • Remember Me for personal computers
  • Forgot password to password recovery
  • Individual logins with role based access

Your data, anywhere, anytime

The sales data is accessible through internet from anywhere and anytime.

  • Access from Windows, Mac, Lniux Laptop or Desktop
  • Access from any iPad, Android or any tablet
  • Access from any Mobile phone (iPhone, Android,  Blackberry)

Sales agents access

Each sales agent gets their own login to enter, track and manage their sales activities.

  • Manage weekly activities (calls made, start time, demos, apps, units etc)
  • Browse previous weeks’ data entries
  • View calculated sales numbers
  • Track closing ratios

Sales Manager access

Sales managers can look up and access all the Sales agents weekly activities and measure the growth rates.

  • Track all agents’ weekly sales entries
  • View all groups and territories stats
  • Browse through previous weeks’ time sheets
  • Manage sales agents and their logins
  • Maintain groups and territories

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