Asset Management System

Asset Management System

Supply Chain Tracker

Do you have real time access to your inventory?

How can you maximize your investments and drive operational efficiency when you do not have complete access to accurate and real-time assets’ data – production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and workflow?

Are you still struggling to coordinate between your Sales, Operations and Back office data due to lack of one single and synchronized system? Are your employees wasting their time trying to manage multiple disconnected Excel spread sheets and Access Databases doing duplicate entries and manual tasks? Do you lack real time information about your inventory and work flow to streamline your sales and back office? Don’t worry. Our Expand Asset Management System can help you solve the above issues to increase operational efficiency and reduce your costs.

Asset Lifecycle and Production Management

Asset Management System enables you to track and control the location and status of inventory items and assets in real-time. Asset Management System is a Cloud based solution that provides a single dashboard to fully manage and control Assets, Work Orders, Inventory, and Sales. AMS is a Web based platform, providing full integration with the finance and costing system to streamline front to back-end work flow to leverage operations resulting in productivity increase and hence, profitability.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Get real time overview of inventory
  • Lower costs by reducing employee manual tasks
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries and paperwork
  • Reduce costly human errors & fixes
  • Integrate Sales, Operations and Back office data
  • Improve work turnaround & employee time


Cloud based Secure access

The application is a web based tool and is fully secured with user logins and private access. 

  • Forget disparate Excel spreadsheets and Access databases
  • Secured login with user credentials
  • Forgot password to password recovery
  • Individual logins with role based access

Your data, anywhere, anytime

The assets’ data is accessible through internet from anywhere and anytime on demand.

  • Access from Windows, Mac, Lniux Laptop or Desktop
  • Access from any iPad, Android or any tablet
  • Access from any Mobile phone (iPhone, Android,  Blackberry)
  • Stay in sync with your warehouse and employees in real time

Management Modules

Asset Management System includes six modules in an easy to use navigational flow and enhanced design

  • Work Orders Management
  • Assets Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Management
  • Reports Management

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