IDX Integration

IDX Integration

For Real Estate Websites

What Is IDX Integration?

Although it may sound confusing, Internet Data Exchange (IDX) integration is an easy-to-understand concept. In the real estate industry, it’s the process of incorporating MLS database listings into your own website. This allows you to customize how users interact with listings while giving an aesthetic appeal.

While IDX integration makes your website beautiful and easy to navigate, its advantages go beyond these face value aspects. This powerful tool can also help boost your SEO rankings and generate new leads. Read on to see how you can improve SEO and lead management results with IDX.

real estate marketing
real estate marketing

Improve SEO & Lead Management

You are most likely familiar with the basis of IDX integration and how it can give your website an enhanced look and feel. But, did you konw it can also improve SEO and make lead mangement more seamless?

Integrating SEO

When sharing a listing on social media, there will be a direct link to your website–that’s driving more traffic to you! In addition, by providing valubale buyer and seller information on your site, users will be more likely to visit you when they are searching. The more visits, the higher your website ranks with search engines.

Integrating Lead Capture

As a real estate agent, your ultimate goal is to generate online leads. Through features like saved searches, favorite listings, and email alert registration, you can easily capture a user’s name and contact. Furthermore, it’s simple to also integrate your CRM as a seamless lead management system. Your audience is looking for listings, so why not offer them everything on your website in one easy-to-use place?

More Than Visual Appeal

While visual appeal is a key benefit to integrating IDX into your real estate website, it’s not the only advantage. Here are just a few of the ways IDX can help grow your business!


  • Customized widgets including Map-Based Polygon Widget Generator, Map Search, and Agent-Specific Featured Listings Showcase.
  • Custom map results, map search, polygon features, pin clustering and spiderfy technology, and agent bio page maps.
  • Capture leads from any page, import and export lead contact information, effectively manage leads.
  • Agent and office management and lead customization options.
  • Choose your email settings and control notifications.
  • API functionality
  • Saved searches and link functionalities.
  • Customize your MLS feed settings and controls.
real estate marketing

Our Real Estate Portfolio

Want to see more examples of how IDX integration could look on your website? View our real estate portfolio below.


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