Search Engine Website Analytics

Search Engine Website Analytics

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Turning Analytics Into Action

What’s the point of a website if you don’t understand the data behind what’s working and what should be changed? When you see and comprehend the numbers behind your website, you can determine what marketing strategies are resulting in sales conversions. How many people visit your site? What pages are being viewed most? Where is your traffic coming from? These are questions that can only be answered through search engine website analytics. ITVibes understands this vital aspect of digital marketing–that’s why we provide detailed reports as part of our content management services.

Maximize Your ROI

Analyzing data is important for increasing your return on investment (ROI). After all, what’s the point if doesn’t lead to change and eventually more sales? Every business owner’s end goal is to become more profitable, and that’s done by acquiring more customers. We gather data to improve marketing strategies and maximize your ROI.

Move Your Brand Forward

Partner with ITVibes and discover how your brand management can become seamless while giving more results. What can you expect from our search engine website analytics?

  • Google Analytics – See how your website is performing and get data explanations in a way that’s easy to understand with Google Analytics integration.
  • Keyword Data – Detailed information on your website’s keyword data rankings, ideas for new key phrases, and an overview of how your competition compares.
  • Social Media – Are you getting more followers? Are users being driven to your website? You can get these answers through our social media analytics reports.
  • Newsletters – Find out how many people are opening your newsletter emails, how many subscribers you’re getting, and where subscriptions are coming from with actionable newsletter reports.



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