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A Modern Way To Communicate With Leads

Strong organization, efficiency, communication, and collaboration are an integral part of any successful business. That’s why managers and staff alike look for ways to improve in these areas. And for good reason, because even minor improvements can yield significant improvements. By upgrading your sales flow with ITVibes CRM, you get:

->Advanced tools to optimize the way you interact with contacts

->Detailed lead tracking to visualize the sales funnel

->Better communication with leads with automated tools

->Secure lead storage for peace of mind that a lead will never be lost

Additionally, you get valuable insight into how well your sales flow is performing with powerful ROI reporting and analytics. Don’t let leads slip through the cracks, take advantage of the powerful tools available to you, so that your sales flow stays strong and moving in the right direction.

Organize And Track Lead Flow

Sales Automation
Automate Repeatable Tasks

Genuine Lead Pitches
Create Authentic Communication With Leads

Backup, Organize, and Share

If your business manages leads, then integrating ITVibes advanced CRM into your workflow allows you to capitalize on features that can save your business time and money.

Heres how:

-> Every interaction with a lead is tracked to a timeline to share and collaborate
-> Index profiles and send a perfect follow-up
-> Integrated tracking on documents for unparalleled vision
-> Backup and organize your essential business contacts
-> Tasks and goals; to motivate and keep track of progress

Save Time With Sales Automation Built In

Make deals, not data entries. With a CRM, sales automation is built in meaning that you can spend less time on manual entry and more time landing the next sale or client.

Heres how:

-> Email scheduling to improve the chances of it actually being read
-> Automatically send a follow up based on triggers such as opening an email
-> Create individualized templates for reuse, to create genuine conversation.

When you’re ready to optimize your sales flow with powerful sales tools, contact us today.

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