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In 1865, they adorned their thick knit sweaters with the letter H. The uniforms were called lettermans and were sported by the best performing players on the team. In 1875, Harvard’s football team adopted the letterman uniform, carrying on the best players only rule. This exclusivity made these jackets symbols of prestige and hard work, and people loved them. By the 20th century, letterman jackets had transformed from the thick knit sweater into cardigans and heavy leather and wool jackets. Due to the way in which they were earned, they were referred to as varsity jackets.



Tyson Awards

We’re honored and dedicated to providing the very best experience for celebrating the moments that matter!
Founded in 2017, the goal of Tyson Awards is to give students the power to tell their high school story through the art of a custom lettermen jacket. We offer unlimited customization, providing students the freedom to express their unique endeavors and style. We hope you enjoy your award keepsake as much as we enjoy being a part of the history and tradition behind it.

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