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There are many in the greater Houston area who are struggling to overcome abuse or addiction of alcohol and other substances, and finding the right treatment option can be overwhelming as well as frightening. There are many options available, so sorting through them to find the right fit for treatment can become yet another challenge in an already difficult situation. Substance abuse and addiction do not discriminate and affect people in all walks of life.

However, many treatment options are tailored for either the very wealthy or the very poor. Treatment and recovery options for those who fall into the working middle class demographic can be a bit harder to find. is a resource for this underserved population of everyday people. We offer addiction treatment, drug and alcohol education, substance abuse and addiction counseling, and sober living. We partner with several highly-respected organizations in the recovery community of Houston and its suburbs, and provide treatment and recovery support that is both affordable and high-quality. Some treatment options are also eligible for funding by insurance.

Let us assist your family in getting the help you need for any alcohol or substance issues.

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