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The staff at Pathfinder Pediatric Home Care understands just how important your child is to you. This is why we’re dedicated to providing individualized care for every child who needs assistance with their physical or motor skills. By offering the best pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other care services in our surrounding community, we’ve become the source for quality care for children of all ages. With over fifteen years of experience, our skilled team will help your family find a plan of care designed specifically for your child.



Pathfinder Pediatric Home Care is a family-owned company with over twenty years’ experience providing pediatric therapy services and delivering medical supplies to the children of Texas.

With Pathfinder, you don’t have to worry about committee decisions. We take time to get to know each patient, providing common sense and timely treatments to give you peace of mind.

Mission Statement
Pathfinder works hand in hand with the families we serve to positively impact the lives of children. Our goal is to provide each patient with outcome-oriented care tailored to put each child on a path to physical and social independence.

Make a Difference
Helping a child grow and develop is the highlight of our mission. If you’re interested in pediatric care and becoming apart of our team, Pathfinder Pediatrics is committed to enhancing your skills. Discover how you can become apart of our growing family today.