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Nova’s team of Microbiologists and Medical Technicians work diligently to improve public health through the combined practice of environmental testing and laboratory medicine. Nova specializes in non-clinical testing services to determine the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, compound pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty products.Nova provides GLP Microbiology Testing to some of the largest pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer products manufacturers in the world.


Nova Biologicals

Nova is an FDA and EPA, GLP Microbiology Laboratory. Nova’s Quality Assurance Plan and processes meet the requirements of our clients with GMP, ISO, and FDA manufacturing conditions. Nova is FDA registered (Registration Number 1641521) and is designated by the FDA as a private laboratory and complies with the FDA’s GLP and GMP requirements. Nova is a NELAP Accredited Laboratory and is certified by the U.S. EPA’s National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and TDSHS (TDH) and participates in proficiency testing programs established by MicroCheck.

Nova’s mission is to provide safe and valid solutions that save lives, protect life and property, and preserve our national resources. Solutions are achieved through the continual application of scientific principles in a quality-demanding environment.

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