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Nova Biologicals is proud to partner with The Pearce Foundation for Scientific Endeavor to help find Simple Solutions to Complex Problems.

These solutions will help protect our air and water, our medical devices and our family’s health.

Discover how we’re working with hospital systems to ensure healthy environments by viewing Dr. Pearce’s recent interview or exploring our range of testing services.


Nova Biologicals

For more than two decades Nova Biologicals has provided reliable and affordable microbiological testing services across the globe. To ensure that your product results meet the highest standards, we maintain superior attention to detail during testing processes.

We are your comprehensive microbiological testing lab for the presence of disease-causing bacteria, biological pathogens and toxins. We ensure microbial testing quality standards and adhere to assurance mandates from GMP, ISO and FDA.

Our expert team can provide project consulting for microbial tests, guidance and resources needed to ensure that your product is free of pathogens and infectious agents.