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Developed as a clear alternative to conventional energy methods, our signature generators are onsite, natural gas solutions designed to save you money. By running during peak pricing hours, we can quickly lower your utility bills and reduce greenhouse emissions.



Leading Edge

Founded in 2016, Leading Edge Power Solutions (LEPS) is a California based company striving to make clean energy readily available to commercial and industrial clients. With over 25 years of combined experience in the distributed generation environment, founders David Walters and Dick Paulsen saw a need in the clean distributed energy resource market for a solution that shaped the changing TOU tariffs and demand charges. After many years of research and review, the patent-pending LE 240 natural gas generator was born.

Designed to perform behind the meter as a load and peak shaver, our clean onsite generator is housed in a weatherproof, noise-reducing enclosure and can be used for base loading, backup, or prime power.

By running our signature LE240 clean generator or LEPS PowerPack products, LEPS ensures that every customer receives the most cost-effective power source for their specific applications. Instead of having to deal with increasing energy prices or frequent grid outages, LEPS customers can trust that their operational processes will remain uninterrupted and affordable.