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Home Turf Texas Landscape & Design began in 2013, but the spirit of this company goes back some 20 years ago circa 1995. Before Home Turf Texas Landscape & Design re-branded and become the landscaping company it is today, it was widely known in the landscape professional industry as Texas Ground Landscape LLC. The founder of the company was Mr. Jose Guerrero, a hard working man whose vision was to help customers discover the art of Landscaping. His ability to work with clients side by side is still the key factor for the company’s success.

At the center of our company you will find our core values. We believe that not just anyone can create and maintain a Landscaping company. Lasting relationships is what separates Home Turf Texas Landscape & Design from the rest in our field. Our customers have stayed with us since the very beginning and continue to send referrals our way, it is because our commitment to Quality and Service to our customers that we have been in business this long and continue to grow and expand beyond the greater Houston Area.

They offer Quality Services along with superior customer care. Contact them today and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with their design and installation team. No strings attached-they just want to meet you and let you know that they will always give you the Home Turf Advantage! They strongly encourage you to browse their website and Social Media Sites to know more about them and connect with them. We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you.

Services we offered: Website design, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Site design, Content Management Solution, Training, Monthly maintenance, Hosting and Technical Support.