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Housing Finance Corporation

The Harris County Housing Finance Corporation was established on June 30, 1980, pursuant to the Texas Housing Finance Corporations Act as a separate not-for-profit entity. The Corporation was authorized by the Harris County Commissioners Court, but is not a political subdivision of Harris County, under state law.



Harris County

Housing Finance Coporation

The Corporation is exempt from federal income tax. It is authorized to issue debt for the purpose of supporting affordable single-family home mortgages or interests and providing financing for multi-family housing projects for low and moderate-income owners.  The Corporation is led by a nine-member Board of Directors appointed by Harris County Commissioners Court.

The Harris County Commissioners Court approved establishment of the Harris County Housing Finance Corporation (HCHFC) to increase the availability of reasonably priced housing opportunities for renters and homebuyers in Harris County.  The HCHFC is empowered, under the Texas Housing Finance Corporations Act of 1979 to issue bonds to support such ventures.  We invite like-minded housing development professionals to contact us at 832.927.4824.

The goal of HCHFC is to develop multi-family projects and to provide financing opportunities to first-time homebuyers in the County.  We do so through a number of programs including Tax-Exempt Bonds available for developers who agree to provide affordable housing, a series of single-family mortgage program options and through the Harris County Community Land Trust program available to homebuyers.