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The restroom facilities are usually the worst part of an outdoor event, we at First Class Rentals want to make it one of the best features of your event. Our upscale portable restrooms can go from a backyard pool party to the most elegant corporate event or wedding. While event planners, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and private individuals are setting up their parties or events, First Class Rentals will work hard to ensure your restroom rentals meet or exceed your expectations.


First Class Rentals

The Beginning of First Class Rentals
High end and luxury portable toilets were a vision turned to reality by First Class Rentals owner Frank Ballback in January of 2005. The idea came to Ballback while standing in line with his wife for a portable restroom at an outdoor event. He witnessed a young girl leaving the portable restroom unit in tears following behind her frustrated father–and he knew exactly why.

“I never thought I’d get into the restroom business — it wasn’t at all on my radar,” he recalls. “I was looking at everything from a mailbox business to fast-food franchises. If not for that crying girl and reading about that woman’s restroom business, I never would’ve considered it.”

Frank Ballback, Toilet Entrepreneur
After guiding the upset young girl and her father to a refreshed toilet that his wife was using, Ballback saw a career in helping guests to find the best portable restroom experience at events everywhere. After looking into the legalities and doing his research on the business, he decided to pursue himself as a toilet entrepreneur.