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Design Squid


Design Squid is a dynamic team of digital creators based in the Woodlands, Texas, dedicated to bringing bold and unique designs to life. Specializing in responsive websites, they ensure optimal viewing across all devices. With a focus on individualized projects, they stay ahead of the competition to captivate target audiences. Explore their services and dare to stand out with innovative designs tailored to your brand’s needs and future goals.


Design Squid

Design Squid benefited immensely from services tailored to enhance their online presence. Through custom website design, they received a visually captivating platform that reflected their bold and innovative brand identity. Hosting and maintenance ensured their website remained functional and accessible, while SEO content writing helped improve their search engine visibility, driving more traffic to their site.

Additionally, our social media and monthly management services enabled Design Squid to engage with their audience effectively, expanding their reach and fostering community interaction. The implementation of PPC strategies further boosted their online visibility, driving targeted traffic to their site. Lastly, local map optimization enhanced their visibility in local searches, attracting potential clients in their area. Through these comprehensive services, we empowered Design Squid to elevate their online presence and achieve their business goals effectively.

Services we offered: Custom Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance, SEO Content Writing, Social Media, Monthly Management, PPC, Local Maps