Staying Visible During
The Coronavirus Pandemic

The global stock market is down, but that doesn’t mean you have to panic.
Now is the time to stick together as a community.

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A Short Term Solution with Long Term Consequences

During this troubling time, many small businesses are suffering. Cutting your marketing budgets might seem like a quick fix, but without a marketing campaign, your brand will not be found. While your competitors are in a panic, it’s time for you to be brave and brace for the impact. Maintaining visibility is critical for future profitability. 

Act With Logic, Not Emotion

People who are are acting with fear and panic are reacting to emotions. Use logic to get through this crisis while retaining your current customer base. When you let fear control your actions, you will see disastrous results. 

Stay Connected

Now is the time to strengthen your connections and weather the storm together. When the dust settles, which it will, you want to come out on top. Trust in the process and the relationships you’ve been building for years. 

Remain Visible

Your brand’s online visibility is essential right now. As many businesses are enforcing work from home policies, consumers are looking online for the products and services they need. Keep posting relevant, trustworthy content. 

Making an Impact with Digital Marketing

When you appear as an industry leader, other brands and consumers will follow. Pave the way for other local businesses. Remain available to your current clients while building a solid digital presence. People need a sense of security right now, and they’re using social media and Google searches to find it.

Was Your Business Affected by COVID-19?

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