Wilkins Linen Case Study

Wilkins Linen

From out of date to a fully responsive website generating 24% more traffic


“Since 1952 Wilkins Linens has been building its local business into a strong competitor, stacking up against the national brands.” 


increased organic traffic


decreased bounce rate

monthly social goal conversions

A Fully Responsive Site That Reaches Targeted Audiences 

Wilkins Linen has been doing business long enough in the community to know that a digital media presence is essential to increasing growth. They wanted to ensure that their business was evolving alongside the increased digital media adoption. The old website had served its purpose well, but like a business, technology doesn’t stop shifting.

In addition to their new modern website, Wilkins Linen wanted to not just exist on the web, but to also reach target audiences. 

Building a Spotless Marketing Strategy

ITVibes brought their design and content teams together to think of a strong strategy that would enable Wilkins Linen’s content to draw in new customers. The plan of action included:

  • A full website re-design with modern functionality such as mobile friendly, page speed, and responsiveness.
  • On page keyword research with targeted content driven targeting. 
  • Ongoing SEO content campaign to direct traffic both onsite and on social platforms 
  • Built-in analytics tracking for detailed quarterly reviews of ROI. 

Wilkins Linen’s new website & content strategy is pressing the competition by attracting new leads and driving higher conversions

After the new website launch, Wilkins Linen was able to increase leads by focusing on integrating high ranking key terms into content throughout each page. Now search engines like Google are ranking Wilkins Linen at or near the top, which gets their products and services front and center. Highlights include:

  • Increased organic traffic by 24%
  • A decrease in bounce rates by 25%
  • Real-time analytics tracking to gain insight into the health of ongoing campaigns
  • 114 monthly social goal conversions on Facebook

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