The Light House School Case Study

The Light House School of Excellence

Extending their market reach and increasing traffic by 25%


“The Light House School of Excellence has experienced steady growth since they opened doors in 2003. As a new director came into the school, there was an opportunity to reach more community members by investing in a digital marketing campaign.”


Increased social reach

Conversion on facebook


Increase in organic traffic

As the school’s first website, it needed to inform parents and increase enrollment

Before ITVibes jumped on board, The Light House School of Excellence was growing enrollment primarily by word of mouth. Once their new director took over, he saw an opportunity that wasn’t being utilized. Their first step was to find a digital marketing company that could design a website to reflect the school’s branding and philosophy while also being a resource of information for parents. 

The school also recognized the growing amount of  young new generation families that use digital sources to find related services. To secure the school’s future growth, their management team knew being visible online was essential.

Increasing Visibility to Grow Enrollment

The Light House School’s digital marketing strategy was developed by ITVibes’ design and content teams whose goal centered around a  website to showcase how the school is different from its competitors. It needed to be modern, responsive and mobile friendly while also being personable and informative–these key things could successfully convert web traffic. 

The design team built the website using warm and bright colors, while the content team integrated keywords and optimization concepts into every page. The highlights of our strategy included:

  • Building a modern, fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly site from the ground up. 
  • Writing original, informative content that would rank the school on top of the search engines. 
  • Creating an ongoing social strategy to boost community engagement and brand awareness. 
  • Initiating an analytics tracker for the overall health of the marketing campaigns. 

Investing In an Online Strategy Gave The Light House School Steady Growth Month Over Month

After the launch of their new website, The Light House School of Excellence began generating over 200 visitors per week and over 100 conversions on social media. And with built-in analytics, tracking return on investment is simple. Highlights include:

  • Increased social reach by 30%
  • Real-time monitoring of analytics to gauge their ROI
  • Increased organic results month over month by 25%
  • Ongoing content strategy to further boost community engagement

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