Platinum Copiers Case Study

Platinum Copier Solutions

Lightning fast design, organic keyword performance & product catalog integration.


For ten years straight  Platinum Copier Solutions has grown into a leader in the industry, even receiving recognition at a national level. With a high level of customer server, and doing business better than their competitors- platinum has been making the right moves for continued growth.


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in Pageviews

Goals Converted on Facebook

A comprehensive catalog with modern web design elements and high ranking visibility

Platinum Copiers wanted to change the design of their website to represent all that they had to offer, and that included integrating a comprehensive catalog of their products that would provide detailed information while still maintaining fast and beautiful design features.

In addition, the primary objective of the site was to get out in front of new customers with the objective to convert leads into long-lasting client relationships.

Generating Platinum Quality Leads

The ITVibes design and content team built a responsive website that showcased Platinum Copier Solutions’ full product catalog, easy form submissions, and user-friendly features. We wanted to showcase the company’s history while emphasizing their self-made success and philosophy of treating clients as if they were neighbors. The plan of action included:

  • Redesigning the site with strong design best practices such as mobile scaling and easy navigation features
  • Optimized content to drive traffic and boost page rank on search engines
  • Launch a monthly content campaign on social media marketing platforms to boost brand awareness, and drive organic traffic
  • Integrate CRM and sales automation software to organize their sales funnel

Platinum Copiers can pinpoint able where a lead stands in the sales process. Now, website traffic is up and no lead gets left behind.

After launching their new website, starting a content marketing strategy, and integrating their sales funnel into a CRM suite- Platinum Copier Solutions’ digital presence has hit platinum status. Highlights include:

  • A decrease in bounce rate by 10%
  • Increased page views by 6%
  • In-house optimized sales funnel
  • 125 monthly goals converted on Facebook

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