PHC Case Study

Pasadena Health Center

Expanding Their Reach To Better Serve The Community


”Pasadena Health Center is a non-profit healthcare provider with goals to reduce health care disparities and improve the quality of life in the Pasadena community.”


Decreased bounce rates


Increased organic traffic

Monthly Social Goal Conversion

A New Website With Modern Designs & Function Backed By an Ongoing Content Driven SEO Strategy

Pasadena Health Center (PHC) was a longtime client of ITVibes, so they were confident that our team was the right choice for rebuilding and marketing a new website. Their focus was to optimize for modern changes and account for future growth. 

With goals of increasing their local online visibility, PHC wanted to ensure that the new website would be informative by giving users easy and immediate access to resources, phone numbers, and more.

Building A Healthy Website From The Ground Up

After meeting with PCH, we agreed that to reach more people and increase growth, SEO strategies had to change. Our design team built a lightning fast site with modern functionality, packed with on-page keyword optimization. The plan of action included:

  • Initiate the strategy of writing fresh content, both onsite and on social, to expand keywords and capture long tail keywords.
  • Build a sleek, fast, and modern website that would provide essential value and knowledge to end users that would build brand confidence.
  • Built-in analytics to regularly track and gain insight into the performance of ongoing marketing strategies.
  • Set out a plan to gain additional visibility through a PPC campaign strategy. 

Their New Site With Easy Navigation, Organic SEO, And PPC Strategies Is helping PCH Reach More People in the Community

After their existing website was built, we launched our organic strategy that successfully boosted visibility and increased online reach. After the organic foundation was set up, we took off with a strategy to reach other markets via a PPC marketing campaign. Highlights include:

  • Increased organic traffic by 30%
  • A decrease in bounce rates by 13%
  • 150 monthly goal conversions on facebook
  • Real-time analytics tracking to gain insight and make changes to marketing strategies

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