ORBC Case Study

Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Through a new site design with clear messaging ORBC is generating 28% more site traffic.


Oak Ridge Baptist Church has been serving their community for over 40 years. Every week they reach families in order to bring unity and connection and are a staple in the Spring/Woodlands community.


Decreased bounce rates


Increased organic traffic

Monthly Social Goal Conversion

A full website redesign, shifting the audience focus towards new families and retaining traditional roots.

ORBC is an established church in their community- but their demographics were heavily skewed towards those over 40. Beyond integrating a more modern design on their website, ORBC also wanted their site message to be geared towards diversification and bringing young families into the congregation.

They wanted their website to represent their direction as a church for bringing families both new and old together. They weren’t abandoning their established demographic but wanted to create a message that would resonate with millennials and younger families. The new website should represent their accessibility to everyone.

Bringing Community Together By Closing The Generation Gap

The ITVibes design and content team worked to develop a strategy to build ORBC a modern, mobile-friendly platform that would represent their new path. We wanted to create a website that speaks to a broader audience–those who use search engines to gather information. The plan of action included:

  • A full website design that is modern, mobile friendly, responsive, and fast.
  • Writing ongoing content that will keep search engine rankings up, while introducing new keywords through optimized blog posts.
  • Develop an ongoing social media strategy to engage with existing and new users through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Integrate analytics that will help determine the overall status of their website goals.

Through fostering an online presence, ORBC is bridging the generation gap and growing their community church every month.

With a new website that has modern design elements, ORBC is ready to speak to a new generation, and with a content-driven SEO approach, their congregation can be found by search engine users. Highlights include:

  • Increased overall site traffic by 28%
  • Decreased bounce rates by 20%
  • 60 Monthly social conversions
  • Real-time analytics tracking for valuable insight into the overall health of the website

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