Hydrological Solutions Case Study

Hydrological Solutions

With an ongoing content strategy assisted by a targeted PPC campaign, conversions are up 22%


“Hydrological Solutions has been operating since 1996, specializing in providing innovative flood barriers and flood protection equipment. Their business has experienced steady growth quarter over quarter, and their future business prospects continue to look bright.”


Increased site traffic


Increased conversion rate

Monthly social conversions

Organic search engine rankings backed by a targeted PPC campaign to drive consistent traffic and convert leads.

Hydrological Solutions noticed that their old website was not actively driving conversions at an acceptable rate. As a business offering a niche product, whose keywords may be unfamiliar, they knew a strong branding strategy was essential for showcasing their innovative products. By raising brand awareness, they were certain that increased sales would follow.

Although their products are essential for many people, it was difficult to target and capture leads–those outside the industry typically don’t know what a “cofferdam” is. They needed to rebrand the website while ensuring continued growth.

Surrounding Hydrological Solutions’ Digital Marketing With Effective Keywords

When ITVibes content and marketing teams met with Hydrological Solutions, the plan to target consumer-friendly keywords was initiated. The key was to turn a technical jargon-filled website into a friendly yet informative conversion that anyone could understand. With this keyword strategy on the landing pages, we also initiated a PPC campaign to capture keywords of intent. The plan of action included:

  • Rewriting website content to reflect how the products are used and targeted information for both businesses and consumers.
  • Created a plan of action to launch a PPC campaign that targets specific high intent keywords to drive traffic to the website.
  • Developed an ongoing content strategy to build backlinks to relevant keyword landing pages and boost organic SEO. 
  • Integrated analytics for gaining insight into the overall health of the marketing strategies. 

By thinking outside the barrier, Hydrological Solutions is now driving more traffic and landing more conversions

The new website content was a hit with the search engines, landing it at the top spot among many competitive keywords. In addition to an optimized site, their PPC campaign got business leads flowing in. Highlights include:

  • Increased site traffic by 70%
  • An increase in traffic conversions by 15%
  • 337 monthly social conversion
  • Real-time analytics tracking for valuable insights

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