Giammalva Case Study

Giammalva Racquet Club

Rebranding the racquet club’s site nets 45% more reach on social.


Giammalva Racquet Club opened in early 2000 when former top 30 world ranked tennis pro, Sammy Giammalva, wanted to bring tennis to his community. Bringing friends and family together in a healthy environment was his vision for starting the club.


Increased social reach


Decreased bounce rates


Increase in organic traffic

Serving up an elegant style with responsive design and targeted messaging

Giammalva Racquet Club needed an update to their website. It was not responsive and the brand’s message didn’t fully convey business and community goals. They realized that in addition to the importance of modern design elements and page speed, branding would be crucial in order to communicate goals and values to the community.

Keeping The Strategy Strong, Accurate and In Play

When we sat down with the Giammalva Racquet Club team one thing was clear; they wanted a new website that was powerful and accurate to what their objectives as a business was.

Creating a sense of community front and center of the website was an important factor. So our plan of action involved creating a hard-hitting content strategy that would ensure proper messaging techniques. The plan of action included:

  • Rewriting the content on their site to reflect their goals as a business to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise facilities, tennis, and community.
  • Modern on page design elements such as mobile optimization, image compression, and responsive scaling.
  • Analytics built in, to ensure tracking the effectiveness of content and branding strategies.
  • Complete monthly content strategy that would target and rank effective keywords.

With a new fast and responsive website, and branding true to their goals, Giammalva is driving more relevant traffic

Once Giammalva Racquet Club’s new website launched, they began receiving less noise and more targeting leads. And with ITVibes keeping an eye on keyword shifts, now they can focus more on fostering community growth with an emphasis on healthy living. Highlights include:

  • Increased social reach by over 45%
  • Decreased user bounce rates by 24%
  • Real-time monitoring of analytics to gauge the health of marketing strategies
  • An increase in organic traffic by 30%

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