Mobile Sites Design

Mobile Sites Design

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Customers are already Mobile. Are you?

Smart phones are driving a large amount of web traffic, with the numbers growing as more customers becoming Mobile oriented. About 40% of online searches are generated from mobile phones, meaning that people are browsing from their phones before making their buying decision. So having your website readable on mobile devices has proved to increase customer conversions.

As Mobile phones gain popularity and become mainstream, it has become crucial for businesses to have effective Mobile presence. Just because you can view your website on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly.

Mobile sites are designed for small screens with compact, vertical scrolling designs with simple navigation, thumb-friendly buttons and easy to read font without having to zoom in or to rotate the phone.

A Mobile site can help businesses connect with their customers seamlessly and increase interaction and conversions. Businesses without professional and functional Mobile sites are at a grave disadvantage in this mobile market.

Why Mobile sites are important?

  • The use of mobile phones by customers to search and browse for services and products is increasing enormously
  • The mobile commerce is exploding with many customers making purchases through mobile phone
  • Mobile sites increase consumer engagement with quick Call-to-Action features like single click calls, and location based searches
  • New generation consumers expect their mobile experience to be similar to their desktop experience
  • More customers turn to competitor’s site after a bad mobile site experience and tend to write a bad review about their experience

It’s all about the Local Customers

Customers extensively use their mobile phone to connect with the local businesses. With Geo-tagging and Local Search Marketing gaining momentum more customers are using Mobile phone as the primary source to find business information and promotions. The purchasing behavior of customers is completely influenced by their experience on Mobile phone.

Customer Experience

Improving your customers’ experience by enabling intuitive mobile site with fewest possible steps to navigate through the site to find information on your services and products sparks leads and purchases. Clickable phone numbers, location-based driving directions and fast online registration help increase conversions and interactions.

Is this all so overwhelming? Are you lost in the buzz? Don’t know where to start? No WORRIES!

We offer packages for Mobile site designs and hosting that are proven to deliver pin pointed results. Results that deliver a drastic increase in inbound traffic improving your customer experience, conversion rate and your bottom line.