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Video Marketing

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Search Engines Love Videos

Video marketing is a key component of ITVibes’ organic SEO services. Why? Because search engines place a high value on your website videos when determining a ranking. No other component of a web page can carry as much value to having your message found, seen and heard. Through website optimization, keywords used in your videos validate those on your website, wich ultimately raises brand awareness.

Video marketing is more than simply posting a short clip on YouTube taken from your smartphone. Videos need to be professional in both appearance and quality. The production process is important for this aspect–you want to ensure a knowledgeable team is handling the creation from beginning to end.

How can a visually appealing video help your website?

Videos build trust and engagement with customers in a way no other media can deliver. Have your testimonials and case studies in a video format with your clients. Create short tips and how-to videos for customers to visually see how your products and services work.

What other benefits does video marketing provide?

  • Attracts new users and keeps them coming back
  • Engages users in an informational yet entertaining way
  • Increases your search engine rankings
  • Brings visitors to your website from video promotions on social media
  • More sales conversion opportunities

Our Client’s Videos Portfolio

We Can Help You Produce & Promote Videos

-> Video Production – Creating your video is the first step in a video marketing campaign. We take care of the production process from beginning to end.

-> SEO Integration – We integrate keywords into your videos and transcribe them so that search engines can find the videos on your website.

-> Social Media Promotion – Social media optimization (SMO) is the strategy of having your videos on every social media site visited by your customers. We use social media marketing to promote your video tutorials, demonstrations and customer testimonials on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

-> Landing Page Videos – We use landing page videos grab your users’ attention, inform and motivate them to take the next step toward purchasing your product or service.

-> Reports – Through detailed analytics, we can provide information about your website’s performance levels. Learn more about how search engine website analytics can improve your return on investment.

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