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Local Search Marketing

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Are You Targeting Local Customers?

Search engines are focused on personalizing results along with localization. When you search a phrase, the information displayed is based on your previous search and browsing history, along with your geographic location. Results vary if you are in a different county, city or state. Google uses IP addresses to provide search results that are location focused, even if you don’t include a location in the search phrase.

Targeting your local customers through keyword integration will attract the right audience for your business and maximize your successful online sales conversions.

 How can a locally-driven website help your business?

With thousands of companies just like yours available at the click of a button, being seen by local customers is more important now than ever before. Our brand management services will drive new relevant users to your website, which increases your sales conversion rates.

What other benefits does local marketing provide?

  • New local visitors
  • Visibility to local consumers
  • Ranks your site so that local users can find you better
  • Sets you apart from competitors
  • Brings more targeted and relevant people to your website
  • More sales conversion opportunities

Drive Local Users To Your Site

-> Local Maps – Google needs to know your location in order to provide search results to local users searching for your products and services. Google uses IP addresses to provide search results that are location focused, even if you don’t include a location in the search phrase.

-> Business Reviews – We help you manage and set-up locations through business review platforms like Yelp, and Zagat. Google pulls reviews from these sites and displays a short snippet in the search results, so you need to ensure good reviews are on these review sites.

-> Local PPC – Targeting a specific geographical location is part of our PPC management services. When a campaign is created, we make certain to use local keywords and optimize landing pages that are locally driven.

-> On-Site Optimization – Using location words throughout your website optimization is one way Google picks up on your service locations. We use local keywords and create location pages that will draw in more customers that particular area.

-> Local Keyword Integration – We start with researching which local keywords perform the best then integrate those phrases into your website’s pages, titles, meta descriptions, and image tags. This points search engines to your site for a specific location or area.

-> Social Media – We use Social media marketing to also target your local audience. The best user experience uses your interactions, recommendations and participation on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

-> Reports – We analyze and track your website’s performance and provide valuable data for implementing standards and changing strategies. Learn more about how search engine website analytics can improve your return on investment.

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