Sales Alignment

Sales Alignment

With marketing automation software and CRM systems, your sales team can be completely automated and accessible through one platform. Team members can view mutual insights and share common definitions of your ideal customer to create campaigns around similar goals, strategies and success metrics. Don’t let outdated, confusing, and unorganized sales systems stop you from developing customers and growing your business!

Integrate customer relationship management systems
External Contacts Tracking
Track customer behavior patterns
List Segmentation
Group specific contacts together

Sales Automation

Automate Your Sales Process

By converting to a marketing automation system that provides automated tasks, your sales and marketing team will have more time to focus on growing your business. Our staff has the necessary knowledge to set up campaigns, track customer behavior, provide training, and deliver customized reports. Get your sales and marketing team working together in an effortless way!

How can our sales automation services benefit your business?

-> An entirely automated process from lead management to reports
-> Access to our support staff for questions and management help
-> We build initial strategized email campaigns, workflows, and triggers
-> Create a trusting relationship with users
-> Everything in one organized location
-> Allows more time to focus on other areas of your business
-> Examine email analytics and reports in easy-to-read formats
-> Increase ROI rates

Align Your Sales & Marketing

-> CRM – Easily integrate CRM systems, better prepare your sales team, see detailed lead information, provide faster responses, and target and track exactly where a sale is coming from.

-> External Contacts Tracking – Track the behavior of customers’ who are visiting your website. See what pages they have visited how long they stayed on each page, where they clicked and, their contact information.

-> List Segmentation – Create multiple lists of contacts to easily organize and determine who should receive each type of email campaign. Label lists for instant identity, add and remove contacts, and manually import contacts when needed.

-> Lead Scoring – Based on a leads behavior patterns, a score will automatically generate. The higher the score, the hotter the lead. This lets your sales team know which contacts to immediately act upon and which are still in the awareness and research stage. Customize your scoring based on factors such as page visits, form completions, clicks, media views, and more.

-> Life of the Lead – The timeline of interaction between a lead, your website, marketing communications, and any record changes, can be identified by recognizable icons. In one click, you can view detailed information for each action.

-> Pipeline Management – Customize stages in your pipeline from beginning to end with as many steps as needed. Create an organized order, name, and description for sales team members to easily recognize and manage.

Lead Management

Manage leads throughout the buying cycle

Lead Nurture

Get qualified lead contact information

Email Analytics

Get actionable email analytics


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