Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Do You Know Who Is Visiting Your Website?

Are you stuck making cold calls? Wonder how you can get qualified leads? With our lead capture software, you can discover contacts you never knew existed. Access to multiple demographics is right at your fingertips. Stop wasting time make sales calls to people that aren’t interested in your business. We take the guess work out of sales so you can focus on lead nurturing techniques that translate into conversions.

Identify Leads & Contact Information
Who’s interested in your business and how do you contact them?
Track Behavior
Track your prospects’ online behavior in real-time.
Take Action
Follow up on prospects you believe to be valuable

lead capture

Gather Qualified Leads

With lead capture software, you can easily see who is visiting your website at any given time. Although other programs can do the same, marketing automation allows you to build all of your sales and marketing in one program. Once you have interested customer information directly on your dashboard, what’s next? Consider these reasons why automated lead generating can boost your business.

How can lead generation services benefit your business? 

-> Obtain qualified lead contact information
-> See what companies are interested in your products and services
-> Determine which leads are best for your target market
-> Track behavior patterns including page views, traffic sources, and time spent on each page
-> All of your contacts in one accessible place
-> Contacts are easily transferable and visible by personnel throughout your company
-> Focus time and energy on qualified leads vs making cold calls

Lead Capture Services 

Identify Leads & Contact Information -> Get a quick overview of businesses visiting your website through our lead capturing software. In one organized place, you can view every potential contact that fits the target audience you’re looking for. Want a more detailed view? You can easily click through the leads to get in-depth information and make an educated decision on the appropriate action to take.

Detailed information includes:

-> First and last name
-> Job title
-> Company name
-> Industry type
-> Phone number
-> Email address
-> Business address
-> Website
-> Number of employees
-> When the company was founded

Track Behavior -> Once you’ve narrowed down which leads to funnel into conversion, start tracking behavior patterns. Our user-friendly insights make it easy to see what online visitors are doing on your website. What pages are they visiting? Are they clicking any call to actions? Are they filling out a contact form? These are all answers you can get with our behavior tracking services.

Take Action -> Once you have a list of qualified leads, you can begin taking the necessary action to turn these prospects into loyal customers! Get rid of cold calling to people that don’t match your audience nor have a vested interest in your business. Instead, take action on the daily leads delivered straight to your lead list dashboard. It’s like a digital address book for all of your prospects–something your sales team will thank you for!

lead capture

Lead Management

Manage leads throughout the buying cycle

Sales Automation

Align sales & marketing teams

Email Analytics

Get actionable email analytics


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