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Community Christian Church

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Non-Profit, Woodlands

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Hello and Welcome to Community Christian Church!

Thank you for visiting their website. Community Christian Church is an exciting place, helping all kinds of people make sense out of life through Christ-centered living. They are a diverse and growing church, committed to reflecting their community in order to reach the community around us for Christ. They are committed to dynamic, Christ-centered worship and the teaching of God’s Word. They are a church on a mission, engaged in ministry, and making a real difference in our world for Jesus Christ. Regardless of your church background, or if you have no church background, there is a place for you here and we welcome you.

At COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH there are three key relationships that help develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Celebrate: Me and God

We encourage people to celebrate their relationship with Jesus daily through prayer, scripture, and reflection. We also gather as a community of faith every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to celebrate what God is doing as we yield our lives more fully to Him.

Connect: Me and the Church

They intentionally work on building relationships with those who can encourage us and those they can encourage on this journey towards Jesus. They experience this biblical community through intentional gatherings we call connection groups.

Contribute: Me and the World

They contribute their time, talents, and resources to further the Jesus Mission in their communities and in the world.
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Community Christian Church The Woodlands
 Community Christian Church The Woodlands   Community Christian Church  The Woodlands
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