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Why Your Website is More Important than your Business Card

by | Nov 15, 2015 | Brand Management, Business Tips, Content Marketing, Houston Web Design, Information, Online Marketing, Web Development, Website Design

Website Seo And Analytics IconsWith the age of electronic media having more or less every respectable news source ditching the old print and ink form, the same situation has become of the business card. What was once a primary way to get your name out to the world is now just a novelty. And rightly so! A business card is a terrible way to get your name out, in that tiny little space you can only write so much. And if you want to survive in today’s world, you better get yourself a website.
Reasons why your website is more important than your business card are:

A Website Provides Constant Updates and Better Outreach

On a business card you are limited to what you can say and once you say it, the press will print them and that little message or information will stay with whoever takes one. And say, god forbid you have an error, an address change, a new phone number or something along the lines, what you will do then? On a website you are not limited with what you want to say. You can edit information you want to give out at any given moment and best of all, no one will notice any mistakes you might have made, since you would have already taken care of them. This information will then be viewed by thousands online.


Your website is the herald of whatever you do; a good website serves as a money maker and gets more customers. From this website, you will advertise any and all products, virtually without cost. And as thousands or more people will visit your site, you can be sure that you and your company will be getting many views. People will also sign up for a regular updates on your company and its products through a newsletter, so this can save you in advertising. If it is a well-designed website, it is guaranteed to attract more people.

Flat design modern vector illustration icon businessman globe moNo Boundaries

How would you assume to get your business card across borders to the other side of the world? Well with your website you can get your company’s name across every border without a hassle and get business from there as well. Setting up a transaction process on your website can guarantee spreading your business all across the globe. Marketing wise as well, your products are being advertised on a huge billboard that the entire world can see, and this saves you a ton of money in advertising.


All of your products will receive comments, either negative or positive. But you as an owner and entrepreneur need this feedback to better access your standing and in what areas you need to improve yourself. Your website can help you do that pretty effectively. There will be people wanting to give you comments on your products, so set up a comment section and let the feedback flow. Use this feedback to make yourself better and free from errors.
How are you supposed to get all this through your business card?
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