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Oops Road Sign Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of a website.

We used to think that eye catching designs and interesting pictures would draw an audience to our page.  However, the success of your site depends on many things, and content is number one.  Not only does your content have to be interesting, informative, and relevant, but it should also be optimized for search engines.  It is important to understand how SEO affects your content and ultimately how people will find you on Google.
In the process of learning how to make your content SEO friendly, we may encounter several mistakes that can be limiting the potential of our websites. has a very helpful list of SEO Mistakes to avoid to make sure that we have the most optimized content on our website:

  • Wrong Keywords: Using Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find keywords that are verified by statistics that show which keywords your target market is using.


  • Amateur Website Design: You get what you pay for here.  A professional website is engaging and easy to navigate.  Can you spot the professional?

Good and Bad

  • Irrelevant Content: This can include random placement of keywords, or using keywords and titles that do not match the content.


  • Google AnalyticsFailing to Track Data and Improve: This is a big one! Learning how to use Google Analytics helps you keep on track of your website’s statistics and see how many people come to your site and how they behave.  This helps you create strategies to fix undesirable results.


  • Something Set to Auto Play: This is a sure fire way to make someone jump off of your page. It may seem like a good idea at the time to help “catch” people’s attention, but once the initial shock of the auto play subsides, visitors will spend more time trying to avoid it rather than learning from it.


  • Duplicate Content: Not only will Google’s algorithms dock you for duplicate content by bumping you down in page rank, but your audience will lose trust in your relevance and authority on the subject.


  • Lots of Spammy Links: Bombarding your audience with link after link can overwhelm them to the point of disregarding your content and bouncing off your page. Keep a 3-4 link maximum on your pages and make sure that each link is relevant to the content presented and leads to high authority sites.Time Is Money


  • Slow Page Load Time: If your page takes longer to load than to read this sentence, you have already lost your reader.

For a successful high ranking website, it is crucial to have a strong SEO campaign. By avoiding these common SEO mistakes, we are giving our website, and essentially our business, the best opportunity to thrive online.
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