Reaching Gen Z: Marketing to Digital Natives

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Now that you have finally learned how to market to millennials, it’s time to shift your focus slightly to their younger brothers and sisters: Gen Z.  
Gen Z are digital natives. They have grown up with technology their entire lives. Technology has provided convenience unheard of in simpler times. The ease with which they’ve always been able to access information at any given time has shaped this generation. And now they are ready to “adult”, quickly becoming our next generation of consumers with purchasing power.
How will you reach them?

What We Know About the Next Generation

According to Trifecta Research, Gen Z is connected and conscientious.

4 Ways to Adjust Your Strategy to Reach Gen Z

As you know, marketing methods are never stagnant. Methods have evolved over the years as technology advancements necessitate the change. While it’s likely that you’ve just settled into a rhythm that works for millennials, your strategy will not survive if you ignore the need to adapt and change with Gen Z.
Here are 4 easy, yet powerful things you can do now to start to reach this generation:

Start with Mobile

You’ve probably heard a million times how important it is to have a “mobile-friendly” website.  The smartphone has been here awhile and it’s not going anywhere. Since 80% of Gen Zers use their smartphone multiple times a day, it’s time to take this a step further.  Not only should your website be mobile-friendly but it should be mobile-focused. When considering a new website design or redesign, think of how it will be viewed on mobile devices before the mockup for the desktop version is done. What information needs to be viewable from the home page as a user scrolls down on their mobile device? What would you like them to see first? Make sure you’ve given this some thought before meeting with your designer.

Diversify Your Social Media Efforts

Generation Z is known for diversity. This is especially true with the time they spend on social media. Born and raised with various social platforms to choose from, this group divides their attention among multiple platforms. Still, Trifecta’s study notes that Facebook is still wildly popular for most Gen Zers.
Continue your efforts on Facebook but try testing the waters of some other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat to cast a wider net when targeting this demographic. While you’re at it, consider developing a message designed to reach this audience specifically as they are more particular about the content that they consume.

Embrace Video Content

Video content has outranked textual content for some time now. For Generation Z, video IS content. Where other generations might be more inclined to type a search into the Google search engine bar, Gen Z is more likely to go straight to YouTube for their answers. They spend hours upon hours watching videos about every topic you can imagine. If you’re not constantly creating a flow of videos you’re missing the opportunity to catch their attention!

Get Live Chat

Live chat is no longer a bonus, it’s a must! Much like their predecessors, Gen Z prefers the convenience of connecting with you via live chat or text. This enables them to continue with their gaming or YouTube browsing while connecting with you to solve their problem. Make yourself available for this kind of interaction before they move on to your competitor who is more “in tune” with their generation!

Learn More

Gen Z is the next generation with purchasing power. Make sure you have the power to reach them. At ITVibes, we stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends and strategies so we can help you align your marketing methods to reach your desired audience. Contact us to learn more about how to better build your brand to attract and engage the generations of today AND tomorrow.