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How to Make Your Houston Web Design More User-Friendly

by | May 2, 2016 | Website Design

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You only have a matter of seconds to grab a user’s attention and hold it with your website. Your web design is the crucial ingredient that will either entice users to browse around your website or to ex-out of it. Finding the right mix to make your Houston web design more user-friendly is the first step to bringing in more potential customers.

The Benefits of a User-Friendly Website

When a user clicks on your link and it takes five seconds or more to load, they are more likely to just navigate away from your website. If they manage to enter your website but can’t find what they are looking for because your layout is scattered and incoherent, again, they will leave your site.
By focusing on making your Houston web design more user-friendly, you are going to have more traffic not just landing on your website, but staying a while once they are there. Think of the things you like in a website:

  •         You like your website to load quickly.
  •         You want to be able to find what you are looking for easily.
  •         You want the information you find to be valuable and useful.
  •         And you want to be able to ask more specific questions if necessary.

These are the things that you should be providing to your customers. Here are three pillars of web design that will get you started:

Increase Functionality

When visitors to your page click on your link your page should load in one second or less. The more responsive you can make your website the more functional it becomes. For instance, users shouldn’t have to repeated click your link to get it to work.
There should be no broken links and linked pages should load rapidly too. Make your content easy to share on social media for increased functionality.    

Make it Mobile-FriendlyWoman Using Her Mobile Smart Phone at Home. Close-up of Mobile P

No website is user-friendly anymore unless it is mobile-friendly. More users access the internet via mobile device in 2016 than on desktop computers. That means that your website should be built for mobile devices and should give your users the same high-quality function on their phones as they get on their desktop computers.

Add Modern Designs

One of the biggest trends for web design last year and this year is the change to scrolling effects for easier navigation. Mobile devices are not well equipped for clicking through pages. For your Houston web design to be up to par, mobile users should be able to scroll through your pages instead of clicking.
Additionally, they should be able to see your entire menu on one page for streamlined navigation. Don’t forget to include plenty of high-resolution video and imaging but make sure that it doesn’t slow down your page load speed.

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