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How to attract potential clients with your website

by | Dec 29, 2011 | Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Website Design

It takes about 7secs for website visitors to decide if they want to stay on clicking further into your website pages or leave by clicking the back button on the browser. In this online world, your biggest competitor is not that local company offering similar services, but is the browser’s back button. Is your Houston Web Design setup to fight the back button?

Lead generation with Website Marketing
When people come to your website from Search Engines, Social Media or Email Campaigns, it is important to retain them for longer times to help them connect to your business. If the inbound traffic does not feel connected or feel overwhelmed with the content and graphics, they would click the Back button to go to the next website in line.

Your website could be driving potential clients away to your competitors website, helping them with lead generation. Is that what your website is supposed to do? I don’t think so.

Here are few points to help your website attract and retain visitors:

Visually pleasing, Ease of use

Ease of use is the top most criteria for a website to help consumers feel comfortable and less overwhelmed. This increases user stickiness and retention on the site.

Industry features

The new generation web users expect latest trend features and functions on the websites. Having dynamic and current design standards increases visitors’ activity and their willingness to interact with the website.

Intuitive navigation & pages

A well  planned and readable content over multiple pages with user friendly navigation increases both user and search engine activity on the site helping in longer time spent for easy conversion.

Online Testimonials, Video

People like to work with experts and businesses with success stories and happy customers. Rotating testimonials and client videos represent a trust level that helps in visitors’ decision making. Use them wherever possible.

Search capability

In current fast paced browsing world, visitors tend to have low attention span. They need information. And they need it fast. Adding a search capability through the website helps in serving targeted information to users on demand.

Search engine friendly

Content is always King. It’s important to use optimization strategy with keywords massaged into content to increase Search Engine Optimization. Google loves fresh and dynamic content. Using a blog within the site to publish services’ information drives keywords ranking optimizing the site for search results.

Social friendly integration

Millions of consumers spend Billions of minutes on Social Media. If you want to attract the new generation customer, it’s inevitable to implement Social Media strategy into your website. Integrating a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn not only increase the user interactions but also help in brand awareness.

Mobile friendly

Mobile phones are becoming the primary sources of online searches. As more consumers use their mobile phones to look for services, it is imperative to have a mobile friendly site. Make your website mobile friendly to connect with your customers seamlessly and increase conversions

Consistent brand message

Now a days, businesses have many Social Media profiles other than just the Website. Make sure to setup these pages with the same brand message across. The Logo, caption, brand colors, contact information and the brand promise has to remain consistent.
Your website could make a deal or break a deal. If your current website is not setup to attract leads, you might be losing major chunk of your new business and sales. Remember, your website is your best sales person forward 24×7. Make sure you put the best person forward to attract prospective customers and to create effective brand recognition.