Five Things That Limit the Success of Your Website

With so much data on the internet today it can be difficult and overwhelming to really pin down valuable and relevant information. And while there is no shortage of advice, sometimes we need it to be handed to us straight. Tough love is what it is often called, and the writers at Website Magazine are giving it to us with their article “5 Reasons Why Your Website Will Never Be Successful.” Never is a strong word, but that is what we can count on if our website has the following:

“Lack of Usability”

Confusing, difficult, and frustrating are words that you do not want visitors to use to describe your website. If a user cannot find what they are looking for within the first two clicks, their third click is surely to be the back button.

The Solution: Easy-to-navigate pages, readily available information, clean layout, clear headers and organization of information.  All of these aspects allow the user to find information quickly and effortlessly, leaving them the time, energy, and willingness to give you a call.

Information Overload”

A bombardment of pictures, video, and text may seem thorough, but to a new visitor it is nothing less than overwhelming. “Customers crave information,” and it is the cornerstone of a good content strategy to provide enough but not too much all at once.  Instead try this…
The Solution: Provide key information, presenting focused information in a logical way. Place yourself in the customer’s position and ask yourself what are they looking for? Then develop your key points based on fulfilling those needs.

Poor Website Name”

Customers cannot find you if your website name does not correspond with your product or service. And those that do find you will not be looking for what you’re selling. This leads to them bouncing off your page, and eventually lowering your search engine rankings. Not to mention slim chances of conversions.
The Solution: “Choose a name that aligns the company, individual or new product website to better reach the target audience.” A good strategy is to go with the name of your website, it’s service, and the location it generally serves: ITVibes Houston Web Design

No Call To Action”

A call to action is a request for the customer to become more involved in your website. A lack of call to actions shows a disinterest in engaging the customer and creates a distance in the business relationship.
The Solution: Make your contact information easily accessible by placing a link to your contact page at the bottom of every page, “encourage customers to follow the business on social media and/or join an email list.” You can even hold contests, ask questions to generate discussions, and welcome comments and feedback. All of this creates engagement with your customers establishing the trust and authority of your company to keep them returning.

Not Mobile Ready”

Similar to the first problem of lack of usability, this includes slow loading time, cut off graphics, and unfavorable formatting.
The Solution: Make sure that your website is developed for mobile friendly use and test its usability on different devices: smart phones, tablets, etc.
It is more critical now than ever to give your website the greatest edge in the market. Your website if the first impression of your business. Long ago are the days of a website being just an online business card. Now, your entire brand and culture are woven into the framework. It is important to optimize that framework to benefit both your business and your customers.

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