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Gmail goes above and beyond to provide an email service that is user friendly and that consistently makes us say “wow!” It seamlessly incorporates other highly used applications to create a one stop shop for communication and productivity.  Here are 5 life hacks that will make your Gmail experience that much more awesome:Life Hacks words in 3d letters on stone or marble columns to ill


What: Chrome extension
Function: Allows you to learn all about everyone who sends you emails including: profiles, job titles, tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook updates and information such as the location, size, and demographics of their organizations.
Benefit: Saves time, creates deeper connection with contacts, allows for the ability to brief on a person before meetings.


What: Chrome extension
Function: Know who has read your message and when
Benefit: “I never got your email” is now a thing of the past.

Phone OfflineGmail Offline

What: Gmail application
Function: Lets you work in your Gmail without internet connection
Benefit: Save time and data drafting emails offline, and send and schedule them once you are connected again

Dropbox for Gmail

What: Chrome Extension
Function: Adds a Dropbox icon to your Gmail to incorporate Dropbox links into composed emails
Benefit: Saves time and space by easily sharing links instead of sending large files


What: Plug in
Function: Lets you schedule sending emails and set reminders for follow ups if you have not received a response.
Benefit: Great for sales, never miss a follow up email again. Watch the conversions flood in!

finger print with email signBonus:  



What: Chrome extension
Function: Lets you create a personalized signature including a photo and eye catching design template
Benefit: Allows you to be creative and sets you apart from the rest